Cows Deserve a Safe Home

We all want a world where the cows that give us milk are given loving, lifetime care.

But right now the 'Get Big or Get Out' farm policies of the commercial dairy industry favor 5000 cow dairies, where cows are stressed for milk production and are ultimately expendable. 

Here is Shanti, a dairy cow who was headed for an uncertain fate.

Shanti was headed to auction. But with the help of donors like you we were able to buy Shanti AND her babies, 

and give them a safe home!

Because of your help, Shanti got to do what all mothers want to do: 

Shanti got to keep her babies!

Shanti's babies got to grow up running free.

There are only a handful of Goshalas in the US.

They are run by hardworking individuals who have dedicated their lives to give loving care to these gentle creatures, because they believe, as you do: that cows deserve a safe home after a lifetime of service. (Click here to read about our Sustainability Pledge.)

But all the Goshalas in the US are desperately underfunded, and functioning at the maximum capacity of cows that staff can handle. We need your help. 

You can ensure that More Cows like Shanti Have a Safe Home

Due to the Covid-19 virus, we have identified 4 main ways you can get involved:

np_care_4283019_2F9AE7.pngVisit Shanti and her babies for a Cow Cuddling session. After experiencing their loving presence, you will find the inspiration you have been seeking to make needed changes in your life. We are also offering zoom barn tours on Saturday afternoons. Please contact us to set up an appointment. 


You can donate today to pay for a part time staff person so that we can adopt more animals and provide financial help to other Goshalas that need funding during these stressful times. $100 will pay for a days wage to care for cows at a goshala. 


Join our circle of supporters who donate monthly to feed the cows



Read Shanti’s story to your kids. Spread the word about kindness to cows

If you would like some children’s books to put in your local library:
contact us here







While you are here

Schedule a cow cuddling session

Sponsor a cow today

Read a book, spread the word



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