Due to Covid-19 virus we are only giving tours and custom programs by appointment.


Farm Tours 

Tours offer your family a chance to meet the animals up close and personal. Feed and pet the animals, have your picture taken with a cow.  Custom programs offer a chance to take part in the cows lives: watch a hand milking demonstration, churn butter, grind grain, help plant or pick vegetables from the garden, practice goshala yoga, farm related arts and crafts. 

We are offering zoom barn tours on Saturday afternoons.

We recommend wearing closed toe shoes for safety and long pants to discourage insects.  If you would like to bring some snacks for the cows, they like carrots, as well as hay cubes, available at local farm supply stores.

bella cow cuddle

Cow Cuddling Workshops

Don't miss out on all the love animals have to give. Come experience the nurturing presence of cows. You will be glad you did.

- Cow Cuddling sessions last one hour.

- You can book a time Wednesday - Sunday between 11:00am - 5:00pm.

- The cost is $20 per person. No one will be excluded; if cost is an issue, pay what is within reach. 

We start by introducing you to the cows. You can pet and brush them. Once they are comfortable and lie down, you can quietly approach them. Generally, being around cows brings a calming relaxed feeling. Our new baby boy Dharma is especially cuddly. He is shy and needs to be approached with gentle attitude. We think you will enjoy your time here.

Please call or text to schedule your appointment. You can also email us, but we get busy here caring for the cows and sometimes occasionally miss an email. If we don’t answer you in one business day, please try again. 

Contact us here.

Rural Heritage of India Program

In an effort to preserve India's rural cultural heritage, teens who need service credits for high school can interview elders in their community about their experiences with rural living skills and religious customs regarding cows and agriculture. Volunteers will help create a database and publications to preserve this important cultural knowledge. 



Schedule A Program for Your Family Today. We are open by appointment for families or small groups.

Click here to read about our Sustainability Pledge.


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