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A Safe Home For Shanti Cow

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The Heartwarming True Story of How we Rescued Shanti Cow and her Babies. 

Now these cows are teaching kids that animals have feelings too. 

A good starting place to discuss emotions and empathy with children. A light hearted, gentle way to introduce young children to the topic of animal welfare. 

Anyone who has ever been a busy parent will find humor here.

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Chintamani The Magic Cow

by Linda and Stephen Voith

Children will learn why cows are considered so special that they are given lifetime care. Watch Chintamani keep her family busy with all the gifts she has to share.  

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Mothers of the Past and Future

A Truth Filled Story about the Reality of Life for Cows in India Today


paperback $15.00

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A British native, Labangalatika Malik, was an Oxford scholar who discovered the Vedas early on in her life. She was among the first disciples of His Divine Grace A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. In her retirement years Labangalitika started a Goshala in Maharashtra India. This is the story of the cows she loved and rural life in India today. 


All Proceeds Support Goshalas in the USA and in India

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