At Govinda Goshala Cow Haven, we believe that cows deserve a safe home after a lifetime of service.

We provide and promote the humane care of cows by delivering knowledge, opportunity, and practical support for their compassionate care in accordance with these tenets:

  1. Cows are allowed to live out their full span of life.
  2. Cows are nurtured, respected, and treated with kindness.
  3. Young calves are allowed to stay with their mothers and nurse from them for at least 4-6 months.
  4. Cows enjoy feed as well as grazing freely on pasture.

Govinda Goshala’s goal is to support as many cows as possible to live under these standards of humane care. Currently, in the commercial dairy industry, financial profit is the top priority which leads to:

  • Farmers selling off the cows once they stop producing milk;
  • Separating calves from their mothers immediately after they are born and feeding them supplements; 
  • Reducing or eliminating open pasture/grass grazing, opting instead to bring feed to confined, crowded indoor quarters with uncomfortable concrete floors.

These practices lead to substantial pain and suffering.

Our goal is to eliminate this inhumane treatment and minimize its harmful impact.

Govinda Goshala Cow Haven raises funds and provides knowledge to help farmers, agricultural projects, and animal sanctuaries care for cows with compassion and thoughtfulness.

We practice the principles of many ancient cultures which depended on sustainable animal husbandry for many generations. We recognize the invaluable gifts that cows give us and we understand that we - plant, animal, and human - are all connected. Our proper care of cows is necessary to maintain the fragile health, balance, and well-being of our human society. To that end, we recognize that we are applying humane and compassionate principles that not only care for the cows, but also for society as a whole.

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